Starting a Business

owner of gypsy cowgirl inside her shop

On this page you will find a list of items to be considered when starting a new business. Some of the items may not be applicable to the type of business you are starting and some items may be missing from the list. 

  • Register for an Assumed Name Certificate - If a business is to be operated under an assumed name, the name under which it proposes to operate should be filed with the Denton County Clerk. Prior to filling the assumed name, contact the office of County Clerk to see if any other business is presently operating under the name. 

  • Certificate of Occupancy - No building shall be occupied or used, and no change in the existing occupancy classification of a building shall be made until a Certificate of Occupancy is issued. 

  • Utilities - Information about utility connection, fees, and services can be obtained from the City of Sanger.

  • Area Wage Survey Information - This information is available from the Bureau of Labor Statistics

  • Texas Secretary of State - For corporate certificates and all information pertaining to filing of articles of incorporation or authority of foreign corporations to do business in Texas, contact the Secretary of State

  • State Licensing Information - Check with the State to determine if any statewide permits or licenses are required. 

  • Sales & Use Taxes, Store Taxes, & Other State Taxes - Owners and managers of new businesses in Sanger, Texas should contact the Texas State Comptroller's office for information on Sales Taxes, Store Taxes and other laws administered by this office. 

  • Unemployment Insurance, Taxes, & Benefits - Obtain information from the Texas Workforce Commission regarding the collection of unemployment insurance, tax, and benefits to qualifying employees.