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Our Boards

4A Economic Development Board

The 4A Economic Development Board consists of five members who the City Council appoints. Members serve two three-year term limits and are not required to be residents of the City of Sanger.

The Sanger Industrial Development Corporation (SIDC) is a non-profit organization specifically governed by Section 4A of the Texas Development Corporation Act of 1979. 

It was incorporated in October 1998 as a Type A Corporation and is funded by a portion (1/2 cent) of the local sales tax revenue. The Type A sales tax is primarily intended for manufacturing and industrial development. 

EDC's may use Type A revenue to fund land, buildings, equipment, facilities expenditures, targeted infrastructure and improvements for projects including:

  • manufacturing and industrial facilities, recycling facilities, distribution centers, and small warehouse facilities;

  • research and development facilities, regional or national corporate headquarters facilities, primary job training facilities operated by higher education institutions, job training classes, telephone call centers and career centers not located within a junior college taxing district;

  • certain infrastructure improvements that promote new or expanded business enterprises;

  • aviation facilities;

  • commuter rail, light rail or commuter bus operations;

  • port-related facilities, rail ports, rail switching facilities, marine ports, inland ports; and

  • maintenance and operating costs associated with projects.

4B Economic Development Board

The 4B Economic Development Board consist of seven members who are appointed by the City Council. Members serve two year terms.

The Sanger Texas Development Corporation (STDC) is a non-profit coporation specifically governed by Section 4B of the Texas Development Corporation Act of 1979. 

The Sanger Texas Development Board is authorized to expend funds for both economic development projects and community quality of life projects. In the past few years, the Sanger Texas Development Corporation has funded the following projects: 

  • Quail Run Park improvements

  • Downtown Park improvements

  • Downtown streetscape improvements

  • Improvements to the railroad ball fields

  • Construction of Porter Sports Park

  • Switzer Splash Park

It was incorporated in October 1998 as a Type B Corporation and is funded by a portion (1/2 cent) of the local sales tax revenue.  Type B coporations may pay for land, buildings, equipment, facilities, targeted infrastructure and improvements for:

  • professional and amateur sports and athletic facilities, tourism and entertainment facilities, convention facilities and public parks;

  • ·related store, restaurant, concession, parking and transportation facilities;

  • ·related street, water and sewer facilities; and

  • affordable housing.

To promote and develop new and expanded business enterprises that create or retain primary jobs, a Type B EDC may fund:

  • public safety facilities;

  • recycling facilities;

  • streets, roads, drainage and related improvements;

  • demolition of existing structures;

  • general municipally owned improvements; and

  • maintenance and operating costs associated with projects.

Our Board Members

Type A Corporation

Christopher Kundrock
Place 1, President
Susan Allison
Place 2
Shannon Gann
Place 3
Nancy McAlister
Place 4
Drew Hall
Place 5, Vice President

Type B Corporation

Guy Saenz
Place 1
John Payne
Place 2, President
Matt Fuller
Place 3
Beverly Howard
Place 4
Jeff Springer
Place 5, Vice President
Eddie Piercy
Place 6
Carrie Bilyeu
Place 7

Our Staff

Ready to take the next step in joining our community? Our staff is dedicated to creating a lasting and successful partnership between your business and Sanger.

Please feel free to contact us to get started.

Shani Bradshaw
Shani Bradshaw
Director of Economic Development