Type A Corporation

Sanger Industrial Development Corporation

The Sanger Industrial Development Corporation (SIDC), a non-profit organization specifically governed by Section 4A of the Texas Development Corporation Act of 1979.  It was incorporated in October 1998 as a Type A Corporation and is funded by a portion (1/2 cent) of the local sales tax revenue.  The SIDC was organized to serve the public interest of the City of Sanger by expanding existing businesses or attracting new businesses that will create primary jobs within the community.   Expenditures of the Type A funds requires the approval of both the Type A Board and the City Council. 

Responsibilities of the Sanger Industrial Developmen Corporation include but are not limited to:

  • Supporting and promoting business retention, expansion, and recruitment
  • Promoting economic and employment growth through targeted infrastructure improvements, business incentives and other strategic projects and initiatives
  • Strategic marketing, promotion and planning initiatives


  • 1 p.m.
  • Held quarterly or on an as-needed basis
  • Sanger City Hall
    502 Elm Street
    Sanger, TX 76266


Board of Directors

The five member Board of Directors is comprised of individuals appointed by the Sanger City Council to serve 3 two-year terms.  The members of the Board are:

  • Mr. Don Gillum - President
  • Ms. Elizabeth Springer - Vice President
  • Mr. Fred Yeatts - Treasurer
  • Mr. Drew Hall
  • Mr. Victor Gann


Agendas and Minutes

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10-23-2018 Meeting Agenda

10-02-2018 Meeting Agenda

10-03-2017 Meeting Agenda

08-01-2017 Meeting Agenda  
06-27-2017 Meeting Agenda Meeting canceled 

03-14-2017 Meeting Agenda

03-14-2017 Minutes
02-28-2017 Meeting Agenda Meeting canceled
11-29-2016 Meeting Agenda 11-29-2016 Minutes
11-1-2016 Meeting Agenda 11-01-2016 Minutes
10-18-2016 Meeting Agenda 10-18-2016 Minutes
10-04-2016 Meeting Agenda 10-04-2016 Minutes
08-30-2016 Meeting Agenda 08-30-2016 Minutes
07-12-2016 Meeting Agenda 07-12-2016 Minutes 
05-11-2016 Meeting Agenda 05-11-2016 Minutes
04-18-2016 Notice of Public Hearing  
4A 03-30-2016 Meeting Agenda 03-30-2016 Minutes
4A 03-22-2016 Meeting Agenda Meeting canceled - no quorum
4A 01-05-2016 Meeting Agenda 01-05-2016 Minutes
4A 10-19-2015 Meeting Agenda 10-19-2015 Minutes 
4A 07-20-2015 Meeting Agenda 07-20-2015 Minutes
4A 01-06-2015 Meeting Agenda 01-06-2015 Minutes 
City Council-4A-4B Joint Meeting 11-3-2014 11-03-2014 Joint Meeting City Council - Type A - Type B