Type B Corporation

Sanger Texas Development Corporation

The Type B Board is comprised of seven residents appointed by City Council. The Board is authorized to expend funds not only for economic development projects but also on specific projects that improve the quality of life. This includes sports and parks improvements and expansions.

Type B funds come from a ½ cent sales tax. Expenditure of the funds requires the approval of both the Type B Board and the City  Council. In the past few years, the Sanger Texas Development Corporation has funded the following projects:

-Quail Run Park improvements

-Downtown Park improvements

-Downtown streetscape improvements

-Improvements to the railroad ball fields

-Construction of Porter Sports Park

-Switzer Splash Park


Board of Directors

Mr. John Payne
Ms. Barbara Martin
Ms. Beverly Howard
Mr. Will Dutton
Mr. Jeff Springer
Ms. Carrie Bilyeu
Ms. Beverly Branch


Agendas Minutes
4B Meeting Agenda - 3-26-2019  
4B Meeting Agenda - 10-24-2016  
4B Meeting Agenda - 09-29-2016 Meeting Cancelled - 09-29-2016
4B Meeting Agenda - 07-25-2016 07-25-2016 Minutes
04-18-2016 Notice of Public Hearing  
4B Meeting Agenda - 03-30-2016 03-30-2016 Minutes
No Meeting - 02-22-2016 No Meeting - 02-22-2016
No Meeting - 01-25-2016 No Meeting - 01-25-2016
4B Meeting Agenda - 10-26-2015 10-26-2015 Minutes
4B Meeting Agenda - 07-27-2015 07-27-2015 Minutes 
4B Meeting Agenda – 06-29-2015 Meeting Canceled - no quorum
4B Meeting Agenda – 05-26-2015 05-26-2015 Minutes 
Notice of Public Hearing – 05-26-2015  
4B Meeting Agenda – 04-27-2015 04-27-2015 Minutes 
4B Meeting Agenda – 03-23-2015 03-23-2015 Minutes 
4B Meeting Agenda 02-23-2015 Meeting Canceled 
4B Meeting Agenda 01-26-2015 01-26-2015 Minutes
City Council-4A-4B Joint Meeting 11-3-2014 11-03-2014 Joint CC with Type A & B